Our Core Values

Client Relationships

Ls3 Solutions understands client loyalty requires open and honest communication. To earn client's trust, we listen attentively to their needs and deliver projects on time. A successful project is how we measure our success.

Integrity without Compromise

We hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards and ethics in all we say and do. Our actions and communications will always be direct, honest, and transparent.

Our People

Ls3 Solutions is proud to create an environment that provides a platform where all employees’ ideas will be heard. We encourage each individual to achieve their highest potential and stake our personal & professional reputation on the excellence of our work.

Innovation & Continuous Improvement

We as a team, provide a wealth of innovation and hands-on experience in oilfield accomplishments to date. Ls3 Solutions is looking to the future by pioneering products to meet the growing demands of Efficiency, Safety and Environmental concerns within the drilling industry.

Our Team

  • Jim Travis - President
    Jim Travis

    As president of Ls3 Solutions, Jim Travis has thirty-nine years of experience in the drilling industry with twenty-seven of it fulfilled internationally. In fourteen years of service in the manufacturing arena, he has overseen approximately 175 employees with seven different product lines. In addition, he spent twenty-four years working for the engineering department of an offshore operating company, where he spent time in both the office and in the field supervising projects and planning rig moves.

    In his career, he has participated in developing several new designs and improvements for existing products adding to the safety, weight-saving, and simplified “rig-ups” that resulted in the reduction of unnecessary man-hours. He also successfully developed a system to utilize offshore platform drilling rigs for land drilling applications on four projects internationally for multiple customers.

    Mr. Travis graduated from Southern Methodist University in 1974 with a Bachelor of Applied Science Degree, and took additional coursework in Civil and Structural Engineering at Texas A&M.

  • Michael Jones - Drafting Design Manager
    Michael Jones
    Drafting Design Manager

    Michael Jones is responsible for the day-to-day management of the Ls3 Solutions design group ensuring the company's goals and standards of drafting and design are maintained. Mr. Jones is a professional drafting designer with over thirty years of experience domestically and internationally in the drilling/engineering/construction industry.

    Prior to joining Ls3, Mr. Jones held various positions on projects covering all facets of conceptual studies, engineering design, fabrication management, project management, commissioning, and installation. His experience has encompassed land, offshore, arctic, helicopter, and jack-up drilling rigs.

    Mr. Jones received his A.A.S. in Engineering Drafting Technology from San Jacinto College in Pasadena, Texas in 1977.

  • John Folsom - Senior Consultant
    John Folsom
    Senior Consultant

    John Folsom joins Ls3 Solutions with more than forty years experience specializing in project management, mechanical design, and business development of offshore platform drilling and land drilling rigs. As the leading Senior Consultant, Mr. Folsom is in charge of overseeing the design, engineering, and fabrication operations for Ls3 Engineering Solutions. On a day-to-day basis, John also is responsible for executing business venture contracts that document the project at hand and illustrate Ls3s promising partnership.

    Before joining Ls3, John was a Senior Project Manager for Drillmec where he lead the initial design and layouts of two 3000 H.P. Offshore Modular Platform Drilling Rigs for Pemsa in Mexico and two 500k Barge Assist Slant Platform Drilling Rigs for Petrex in Peru, which were capable of drilling both vertically as well as on a slant up to 30%. John also was responsible for overseeing the construction, delivery, and P & L of the Box on Box Substructure and 800k Mast of Nabors USA “B” rigs. The total number of this type of rigs for Nabors was twenty-nine.

    Mr. Folsoms prior experience includes projects covering all facets of conceptual studies, mechanical design, fabrication management, project management, commissioning, and installation. His experience has encompassed land, offshore, arctic, helicopter, and jack-up drilling rigs.

  • Gary Fanguy - Marketing Manager
    Gary Fanguy
    Marketing Manager

    Gary Fanguy leads Ls3 Solutions organizational development and marketing team providing an expertise of knowledge in superior customer service, contract negotiating skills, and writing business plans.

    Prior to joining Ls3, Gary was Vice President of Marketing for Nabors, where he led corporate business developments, marketing offshore platform drilling rigs and negotiating contracts for over seventeen years.

    With over thirty-five years of experience in marketing, and applying his understanding of Oil& Gas product driven sales, Mr. Fanguy is a welcome addition to the consulting services Ls3 offers its clients.

  • Mark Pena - Lead Structural Designer
    Mark Pena
    Lead Structural Designer

    Mark Pena is accountable for Ls3 Solutions creative engineering and design services, solving a variety of engineering problems with quick practical solutions by bringing together experience and technical solutions. His responsibilities include checking and issuing structural design drawings for completeness, accuracy, and compliance with design requirements and classification rules.

    Preceding this, Mark was a Lead Designer/Checker for Noble Drilling, Frontier Drilling, IDE, and Genesis Engineering. Mr. Pena led efforts in several projects where he was responsible for checking and issuing drawings, assigning tasks to designers, and keeping up with schedules.

    Mark has twenty years of extensive practical experience for both offshore and onshore projects. His strong knowledge of land rigs, offshore structures, and ship design practices and techniques, are significant and contribute to the success of Ls3 Engineering Solutions.

  • Tram Phan - Office Manager
    Tram Phan
    Office Manager

    Tram Phan is responsible for the daily operation and management of Ls3 Solutions including AP/AR, billing, and facilities management. She is also responsible for providing leadership in the company’s safety, quality, and human resource programs.

    Ms. Phan has more than fourteen years of professional experience in oilfield, law firm, and construction administration with an emphasis on human resources, employee relations, recruiting, personnel development, and team building.

    Ms. Phan graduated from the University of Houston with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and from the University of Colorado with a Master’s Degree in Human Resources.

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