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Off-shore Rigs, Land Rigs, Helicopter Rigs, Desert Rigs, Arctic Rigs, Pump Packages, Equipment Packages, and Rig Living Quarters

Click on one of the services for more details. We have the trusted skills & abilities to meet your custom needs for platform oil rig transportation and production. Our seasoned management team with actual field experience (offshore, land, domestic and international) can develop rig solutions for customer specific solutions. We have experience in Off-shore, Land, Arctic, Desert, and Helicopter Rig Design. We can do the re-packaging of existing rig components for greater efficiency. Ls3 can plan fast moving and fast rig up land rigs for shale drilling in restrictive areas. We have designed, engineered (past), project managed, and installed modular offshore work-over rigs of all sizes and configurations as well as modular off-shore drilling rigs of all sizes and configurations. At Ls3, we will see the job through to a finished product.

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